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We target readers who are interested in purchasing from verified UK-based businesses

No credit card required


Who Are We?

We are a company based in Didcot, Oxfordshire that specializes in connecting verified UK businesses with a captive Arabic-speaking audience. Our approach involves strategic Facebook advertising and promoting your content on our bilingual magazine, biamagazine.uk. This enables us to deliver high-quality marketing-qualified leads to you. With our tailored approach, you can focus on your core activities while we ensure that your growth is driven by genuinely interested clients, making expansion seamless and efficient.

No heavy lifting required. You create content on your website, and we make it available in Arabic on the BIA magazine, we promote it on Facebook and use it to generate leads exclusively qualified for you.

You lead and we follow

You decide on your advertisement’s type and content- and we attract the right Arabic-speaking customers to visit your website, social media links and give them access to submit direct enquirers on your Member Profile Page.

Our approach is straightforward, efficient, cost-effective, and profitable. On your dashboard,  post a link (full URL) from your website or social media channel on your dashboard, and our team will take care of the content production and distribution process.

We will then publish the content on our magazine websites in both Arabic and English. Our visitors will be directed back to original source of the content and will also be prompted to explore your Member Profile Page on the BIA Portal to learn more about you.

All rights are reserved for you. The BIA Membership is a powerful tool to maximise the productivity of your content.

Our team follows the best prctices with regards to publishing duplicates, we use canonical tags to let search engine index your link as THE ORIGINAL which helps your website rank better on the long term.