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Check if your business meets the BIA membership criteria

Before you apply, it’s worth checking if your business meets the criteria below

At BIA, we’d like to offer our bilingual content marketing services to as many UK-based businesses as possible. But unfortunately, due to the nature of our brand positioning across Arabic-speaking users, there are some business activities and industries we can’t promote, in addition to some businesses that do not meet the minimum requirements to securely sell online to the BIA users.

We build our brand around promoting carefully verified UK-based businesses only, we create unshakable buyer’s trust by promoting content, products and services posted by our verified UK-based members

So before you apply for a membership account, we thought it would be useful to see a summary of who we can and can’t support. We’ve tried to be as straightforward as possible and do our best to update this list as often as possible.

Key membership criteria

  • Your business must be registered and trading in the UK

  • The BIA member account manager needs to be a UK resident.

  • The applicant to become a BIA member needs to be 18 or over. This applies to any sub-account managers who may have control over the BIA member account
  • Your business must have a secure website (the website’s URL must start with https://).

  • The business website must have content that is relevant to the solutions you want promote with the BIA network

  • The applicant to join BIA Network must have a professional email address that is based on your custom domain (email@yourwebsite.com).

UK-based business types we promote 


1. Sole traders & expert advisors

In general, the BIA team will support most sole traders (see below business activities that we do not promote)

2. Limited companies, organisations and professional bodies

Limited companies are registered with Companies House, and will have at least one director. Here are a few requirements for limited companies:

  • Only one individual can manage the BIA member account payments. Other team members will be granted access to publish content and respond to the leads that are qualified by the BIA Network marketing team.

  • There needs to be at least one PSC (Person of significant control) listed for your company on the Companies House website

  • The person opening the account must have a professional email address.

  • Your limited company must be in an ‘active’ state on the Companies House


The content we don’t promote

Here are the main activities and industries that we don’t promote:

  • Alcohol and tobacco manufacturing

  • Adult entertainment or services

  • Armaments and defence

  • Gambling

  • Hate speech, discriminative content and extremism

  • Other types of content may not be published and we will provide reasons when applicable