The BIA membership is

like having a whole team working for you

A dedicated account manager who’s responsible to assist you each step of the way, following your instructions,  coordinating with other BIA team fellows and keeping you up-to-date with your brand progress on the BIA platforms

We’re keen to deliver your words in the context. All BIA translation services are delivered by professional translators who will localise your texts and deliver it in a language that resonates with your Arabic speaking target customers

As a member of BIA, your articles, offers and events will be shared on our social media platforms.(mainly Facebook, Youtube and the BABC.UK a social community that is powered by the BIA Network- scheduled to go live by 01.03.2023 )

Your brand image on the BIA Network is 100% designed and customised by professional web designers to introduce you in a way that fits your business style

Everything you need is bundled into one great value package
We make it possible for your to sit back while our team grow your brand image in Arabic

Bilingual Content Marketing

You lead- We follow

All that you need to publish is easily accessible on your dashboard. Once you’ve submitted content we make it available in English and Arabic on the BIA Magazine website within 7 working days.
We offer a variety of plans that allow you choose the type of content that works for you

Free Marketing Qualified Leads

Other benefits

Quality traffic

Get introduced to people visiting the website to hear from verified UK-based business and invite them to learn more about your services on your website

Sell on your website

We attract- You sell on your website
We help Arabic speaking customers find you, get to know you closely and make an educated decision to buy your products/ services on your website

Private and secure

No third-party ads and
No data sharing with any third party


Most frequent questions and answers

You’ll NEVER need to communicate in Arabic with your customers. In fact, they don’t expect you to be able to do so.

Speaking to your potential customers in this target market helps with creating trust, increasing customer loyalty and building better customer relations with people ready to buy from you if they know for sure that your business is legitimate, authentic and verified as UK-based

Once you have logged in to your BIA account you’ll be able to submit all types of content in just a few clicks.
Depending on your membership level- You can simply provide the content (or text) and images or you can choose to post a link from your website or from your social media channel; we handle everything else.


Once you have submitted content it will go through our content production process:
1. Your account manager will dedicate the translation to the right expert. It takes up to 72 hours to get your content localised and written with SEO in mind
2. Once translated, your content will be categorised and equipped with links leading our website visitors to your chosen destination on your website
3. The BIA content manager will check the texts before handing them to the web designer who will put the final touches before publishing your content on the BIA magazine.
4. Optional– We send you an email notification to let you know that your content is published

Overall, it takes up to 5 working days to get your content published in Arabic on the BIA magazine website

Step one.
Once you’ve selected the plan that’s right for you, you’ll fill in a form that will tell our web designers about the vision, expectations and goals for your membership with us.
You’ll be able to customise the navigation menu in a way that fits your business niche and give your BIA web designer the basic information about each section on your profile page.
Step Two.
We customise a member profile page on the networking website that functions just like a one-page website and fits your style, as well as your needs. And the best part is that it will be done in 4 weeks.

Yes- We only accept PayPal payments

On the left sidebar in your member dashboard on the, go to ‘account’; click ‘manage account’ then select ‘Close my account’. No further actions are needed.

Grow with confidence