How it works

We offer you free access to post content on our magazines after getting verified as a UK-based business

You can upgrade, downgrade or delete your account in just a few clicks


The BIA is personalised for you. It takes up to 15 working days to customise 

It takes up to 30 days to build full bilingual presence for your business. 


Join FREE in 3 steps

No credit card required


You need a business email address


Start posting your content


Plans start from £50/month


like having a whole team working for you 

A dedicated account manager who’s dedicated to following your instructions,  coordinating with other BIA team fellows and keeping you up-to-date with your brand progress on the BIA platforms. (monthly report will be delivered)

Your content will be published on the BIA magazine but we’re keen to deliver your words in the context in the Arabic language on Britain in Arabic Magazine (just under 400K speak Arabic in the United Kingdom alone let alone millions worldwide)).

 All BIA translation services are delivered by professional translators who will localise your texts and deliver your advertorials in a language that resonates with  Arabic-speaking audiences as a FREE added value to your membership with us.

As a member of BIA, your articles, offers and events will be shared on our social media platforms. (mainly Facebook at this early phase). You can always choose to boost a post on our Facebook page (reach up to 35K -guaranteed)

Your landing page, advertisements and posts on the BIA Network websites are 100% designed and customised by professional marketers and web designers to introduce you in a way that fits your business style. 

Everything you need is bundled into one great value package
We make it possible for your to sit back while our team grow your brand and generate quality leads for you

Publishing is as easy as ABC!

You lead- We follow

Simply submit the target URL (it MUST be copied form your website or one of your social media channels)

We handle everything else.

You can publish:

Free Marketing Qualified Leads

We attract, you respond

Our service is about linking customers directly back to your target URL on your website or social media channel/s. 

Other benefits

Quality traffic

Our websites' users intentionally click to hear and buy from trustworthy verified UK-based businesses.

Sell on your website

We attract- You sell on your website
No pay per click. No commissions

Private and secure

No third-party ads and
No data sharing with any third party

Grow with confidence